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Thread: Using a babysitter for the first time

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    Default Using a babysitter for the first time

    We have plans to go to a work dinner on friday night and it willl be the first time we will have left Hannah with anyone. We had our sitter come over last night to meet Hannah but it was only for a short time so Im worried that if she wakes she wont know her. Our plan is to put Hannah to bed before we go so it would only be if she wakes in the night that would be a problem

    Any suggestions to make things a bit easier (for her and us!!!)

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    As an ex-babysitter (and aunty to a 10-week-old, that's why I'm lurking) I used to turn up to houses not knowing the kids and have to put them to bed, so it's great your babysitter is a "known" face.

    Write down what you do to calm Hannah if she wakes - maybe she has a particular song you sing her or book you read? Or a nightlight/tape (my sister had this until she was about 9)? Obviously leave a phone number so if all else fails the babysitter can get in touch with you in an emergency: I've never used this, but it would put all minds at rest.

    Here's a slightly odd suggestion, but borne out through my friends' children - babies in a low-light environment react a lot to scent. If you always wear a particular perfume maybe if Hannah is really upset the babysitter could put a squirt of that either in the air or on herself so Hannah would be calmer? (This idea is from a now 9-year-old boy, who asked his cousin-once-removed Lucy why she smelt like Daddy - they both wore CK-B scent! - in fact his little sister, who was quite picky then, would only let her mummy, daddy and aunty Lucy cuddle her.)

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