thread: Vapourizer Help?

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    Vapourizer Help?

    Hi all,

    My boy has a small cold, which we took him to see a doctor on Wednesday this week. The doctor said if gets worse eg.chesty and weezing. Bring him back and maybe childrens hospital for overnight stay/
    A friend lent me a vapourizer which I haven't used yet, because not sure it safe to use for newborn. My mother who used to be nursee at childrens hospital b4 i was born said should be safe to use as steam generator to keep room humid but advised not to use oil for vapourizer...Is this correct what should I do to help alleviate cold??


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    I didn't use a vapouriser till my boys were older but I found it didn't really do much anyway. I use Fess nasal drops which are safe for newborns to help keep their nose clear, and let nature takes its course so to speak. If it was really bad I would give panadol just to help them feel a bit better within themselves.


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    Thanks KAthryn, I get some on way home from work tonight and give it a go..


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    aw Rob its so hard when they are so little. Matilda's got a cold at the moment, and we use Fess and I jump into the shower with her out of the water getting a good steam bath before we use them to help clear it all out, as well a good idea is to prop his head up, or put the bassinett or cot on an incline. This way the yuck stuff doesn't keep him up at night. Good luck!!

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    I agree with Kathryn. When Alana got her cold at 6 weeks we used the fess nasal drops. I would also give baby panandol. And maybe take his temp every so often. If it goes higher then 38 I would be taking him back to DR. Alana had a high temp and was also on antibiotics. She ended up at Monash. Luckly not an overnight stay.

    Hope Nathaniel gets better.

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    I am not sure if this is safe to use on newborns, but if it is, maybe try Vicks baby balsam. I am pretty sure you can buy it at the supermarket, so maybe check the box out and see.

    Otherwise, if his temp rises, baby panadol is great. Monitor his temp and if it doesn't go down and reaches 38+ then i would take him to the hospital just to be sure! You can never be careful enough!


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    We were told not to use the vapouriser on babies as it just spread all the germs around and kept everything damp so to speak. This advice was from our MCHN.

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    I found if you use a vapouriser the room gets really cold so I put a heater on as well.

    If the nurse said don't use the oil she means the smelly stuff you normally put in the vapouriser. You still have to put in the cleaning tablet thingy.

    Don't use Vicks straight on newborns - the baby one is 50% vicks and 50% vasoline to make it easier on the skin. I put some on my child's singlet when she was little, now under her chin.

    Being sick throws them right out of toutine.

    Hope bub feels better real soon. JT