thread: Velcro Baby??

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    Melinda Guest

    Velcro Baby??

    Does anybody have what they believe is a 'velcro baby'?

    Lately Jacob has become very clingey. It all started when he was 8m old and got a cold, which lasted for around 2w. He needed a lot of extra attention and cuddles, which of course we were happy to give as always! But the clingey factor has continued since then. He seems to want to be forever attached to me LOL! He isn't always like it, but probably 50% of the time he will get upset if I leave the room and will start to grizzle and come crawling out to find me. Some mornings if DH isn't around, I need to pop him into his playpen whilst I have a quick shower. Some days he's fine with it, other days he cries the entire time (same applies if I have to go to the loo!!). Even if DH gets up to him in the morning so I can have a bit of a sleep-in, he will crawl to the lounge room door saying "mum mum"!! It is pretty tricky too when I've got to try and get dinner ready and he's at my feet or pulling himself up my legs, all the while crying!

    I read the article on the main BB website called Velcro Baby and I'm wondering if this is what Jacob is going through, or do you think it's something else?! Any advice welcome (or suggestions!)

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    mooshie Guest

    Hi tootie

    what jacob is doing is just another stage of his development all babies seem to go through a period of clinginess it is just another part of their way to growing up.

    i think some are more clinging than others, my first dd was sooooooooo clingy and it lasted for quite a long time, jay was pretty good (probably cause he had his sister running around with him) so far lani is pretty clingy and will cry if she sees me walk away (particularly if she is tired) but hey when you gotta do stuff you just gotta do it.

    i remember reading somewhere that this stage can go on for some time - maybe up to 12mths or so (can't remember sorry) if i find the article i will post some of it.

    The best thing i find is i am constantly telling lani what i am doing, where i am going i will be back soon etc etc - she always hears my voice whether i be at another end of the house or the same room, playing peek a boo is a good game to do, as they soon get used to the idea that sure you go away put you always come back.

    Another thing i read, and i don't know how true as i have never been in the situation is that some people believe that between the ages of around 8mths to 12mths is probably one of the worst times you can put your baby in childcare, because of this stage - i don't know the truth in that but i do remember reading about it.

    All i can offer is the playing peek-a-boo ALOT lol, constantly telling jacob mummy is here and will be right back etc etc, i know it is heartbreaking when they try so hard to follow you they crawl with the tears streaming down - don't worry jacob will soon be running away from you to play with his buddies and be too busy to be with his mum.

    i am lucky i have jay who adores his little sister and hates seeing her cry so when i need to go off and do something and she gets upset and starts crawling after me, he gets down on his hands and knees and crawls with her - she soon gets distracted and they end up cacking at each other laughing.

    good luck - hopefully it won't last too long for you.

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    Tootie, Olivia didn't go through this, but one of the girls in my Mummies group did.....and it drove her mad!

    It started around 8 months and on speaking with the MCHN, she thinks it was the "separation anxiety" that is said to be very common at this age (8-10 months to start, 14-15 months to come full circle.)

    The MCHN suggested exactly the same things as Mooshie has suggested: LOTS of peak a boo and constant talking even when you are away from him, so he can still understand you are there...........

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    Melinda Guest

    Yeah I too had thought of the separation anxiety, as I'd read something about that (I had a serious case of it as a baby myself apparently LOL).

    I'll try the suggestions about peak-a-boo and making sure I talk to him a lot etc etc.......thanks guys!