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    ICharlotte weighed today as she has not been gaining much weight and she put on 55 grams in 2 weeks. , so all up in the last 7 weeks she has put on a total of 225 grams. So we went to see our GP today, and I have to take her tomorrow to get a urine sample, and get her weighed next week, and if she has not gained much then the poor baba has to have some blood tests.

    She is no 2 meals a day, morning and night, my health nurse said to introduce a lunch time, so i will tomorrow, but Charlotte is not that keen on solids, and If I can get her to take some its not much, Is there anyway that i can get her to take more.

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    Hi Kelly - our bubbas went through that non eating phase together back in December remember? I so know how you feel re weight gain, it's so stressful. Ned actually LOST 50g in 2 weeks about a month back and I was very stressed. Paed told me to start on solids but honestly he isn't overly keen yet, has a few teaspoons once a day. He has put on weight again in the last 3 weeks. Back in December when he was eating VERY poorly and had very low weight gain too was when he actually got sick and we first picked up the UTI (also had a kidney absess but that's another story). Anyway that's probably why the doc wants the urine sample. I think low weight gain/lack of appetite etc can sometimes be due to that. Regardless I hope everything is ok and it may just be a phase and she's not going to be an overly big bub. At least with tests you can rule anything yucko out. You are doing a fab job, just keep doing what you are doing at the moment. If she is happy then that's the main thing. When they start getting more active their weight gain slows down heaps too - remember that. Good luck.

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    I wouldnt worry as long as she is putting weight on. Some babies just dont put as much on. I know my son went through the same thing. In one month he only put on 45grm. He is fine and putting on lots of weight now and walking all over the place. I wouldnt worry hun.

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