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    Colleen Guest

    Default Vicks VapoRub

    Silly me threw the box away and only have the jar, which doesnt tell me if I can use it on skin or not?

    I remember for a while you have to put it on clothing?

    Does anyone know from what age its safe to apply to skin?


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    I have always just put a little bit on their skin, just enough so they can smell the stuff. I didn't realise it even said that on the box (make sure I'll do that next time!)

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    I wasn't sure either that's why I went and bought the baby balsam version and use that directly on skin on the young one. Sorry but can't help much more cause we don't have any boxes either

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    Melinda Guest


    We only have the Vicks Baby Balsam one here which you can put straight onto the skin.

    Sorry I can't help you out with your question about the other one!

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