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Thread: Viral Rash - what does it look like?

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    Default Viral Rash - what does it look like?

    DS is unwell atm with fever, sore tummy & throat, little appetite and is quite happy to lie around all day (not complaining about that one ). Dr yesterday said it was a viral infection.

    Anyways he has a rash on his chest today & i was wondering if its a viral rash or something else.


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    If you use google images and do a search for viral rash you should come up with heaps of pictures.
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words....

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    I think a viral rash is a spotty rash. When my kids get these sort of rashes, I don't really worry too much.
    Little seperate red spots on the chest &/or tummy.
    If there's a whole red area, that's lumpy, all red & itchy I'd have it looked at. Could be eczema, or an allergy.
    Any sort of purple rash needs to be looked at too. I'm sure you'd know that though.

    Hope those descriptions made sence.

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    Thanks Bjrose & Dachlostar
    I've pressed it with a glass & it disappears so phew nothing to stress about.

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