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    The last few nights Kimberley has woken at 2.15am and come into our bed. Most times she falls asleep again no problems. But some nights she doesn't so i have been getting up with her and going to sleep in the spare bed with her so she goes back to sleep.

    I would love to brake this habit as that is what it is starting to become. I know one night she woke because we had a thunder storm and she came in saying she was hiding under her pillow.

    She goes to bed at night at 7pm or just after but no later than 7.30pm.

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    Michelle, I know exactly what you are saying. Mackenzie was a great sleeper until she hit 13 months and then exactly the same for us. In bed with us everynight (it was the only way any of us got any sleep). If we were able to settle her in her own bed then she would wake up again thru the night anyway. Some nights when she wouldn't sleep in our bed I went to the spare bed with her etc all the same as you are doing. She recently went into a single bed and like magic she now sleeps really well again (compared to what she was - waking only once a night if at all)- I don't know if she was teething when she was unsettled and then it bacame a habit or if she felt confined? It is all a guessing game. I'm a big fan of doing what ever you need to do to get by and if that means putting Kimberly into bed with you so be it. They are so little for such a short time and they do grow up. Touch wood Miss M sometimes wakes around 4am but with a quick rub of the back she is back to sleep (in saying that sometimes I do need to jump into bed with her for 10 mins and once she's back asleep back to bed I go)I thought we would never have a full nights sleep again and after 9 months we sure needed it! I don't have any suggestions but something may be waking her (is she worried about anything?)- the older she gets the more aware of her surounds she is becoming and the more she knows what she wants. Good luck and I know how you are feelilng
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