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    My 19 month old has just started to wake up about 3 times in the night. Before this she was sleeping really well! Not waking up at all.
    Changed her sleep to the afernoon because she wouldn't sleep in the morning anymore. So now her nap time is 12.30 - maybe 1.30- 2.00.
    I have been getting up to her and tucking her back in because she is either standing up or sitting up. Should i just leave her?

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    Is she waking & happily playing or crying?

    If she is playing I'd just let her play....?

    If she is upset I would go in & see what she needs... It could be nightmares/terrors or something....? HTH

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    Katie, I wouldn't just leave her. If she has generally been a really good sleeper previous to this, her waking is probably indicating something. It may be she is going through a growth spurt, that she is feeling the cold, that her final molars are coming through or all sorts of other reasons.

    Does she resettle and go back to sleep OK after a cuddle? Or crying a lot? It may be something like an ear infection where the pain is worse when they lie down (hence you always find her sitting or standing up?)

    Has her diet altered much? Is she still drinking plenty of water and milk? It might be soemthing as simple as thirst.

    Either way, if it were me, I would try & get to the bottom of the issue rather than just leaving her......then hopefully she will return to being a great sleeper for you!

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    She wakes up crying, she goes off to sleep not long after she is tucked in.

    Could be a growth spurt, she is growing pretty fast.

    She wont drink any juice today but most other days she drinks enough!

    But thankyou very much for your help will keep trying to work it out.

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    Mackenzie was a great sleeper until 13 months. It was crazy, she would just wake up and cry for no reason (that we could work out anyway). She would wake 3-4 times a night - sometimes we could settle her other times she would be away crying for 2 hours. She will be 2 in a few weeks and 4 weeks ago we put her in a bed and she was been great! The only thing I can think of is she was teething alot over the last 6 months and perhaps being in a cot she felt closed in? Who knows, it's great fun this mum guessing game thing!

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