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Thread: Washing powder and baby clothes

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    Question Washing powder and baby clothes

    Just a quick question! When did everyone stop washing their babies clothes in baby washing powder? As i want to start washing Joshuas clothing in normal powder with the rest of our stuff rather than having to buy 2 different powders!

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    I guess it depends on if DS has reactions to normal powder?

    Ill use Amolin liquid and Purity Softener for quite a while yet.....i at least know she has no reaction to it.

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    I stopped using the baby stuff for DD's clothes when she was about 2 months old and she didn't have any problems.

    I'm still using it for DS though because when I washed his clothes in regular powder when he was about a month old he did come out in a rash. I'll probably give it another go when the bottle I have now runs out since he's nearly 5 months now.

    All you can do is try - if he comes out in a rash (DS's wasn't anything nasty, it just looked like a bit of prikly heat on his trunk) just go back to the baby stuff.

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    I just bought Omo sensative so that way everyones clothes can go in it and DD has no reaction to it and she does have sensative skin.

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    Ahh thanks girls! I will give it a go!

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    Hi, I still wash my sons clothes in the Amolin Baby Wash and he will be one on Sunday. It's in a liquid form and you can get it at Coles, no more than $5/bottle and lasts for ages. It has a beautiful baby smell and you need not worry of it irritating your little one's skin

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