thread: Weaning Off Dummies

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    I have to say im one of those mums that said id never give my child a dummy either. But i never did. Ive never given her a bottle with teat either for that very reason. I didnt want her to get attached to it and not be able to cope without it.
    Does your DS spit it out when his asleep. Perhaps you could take it out his mouth once his asleep. I dont know im not much help.
    Dr Phil always says to replace one habit with another. Maybe you could replace the dummy with something else. Maybe a toy or blanket. Like the other girls said though, it it doesnt bother you to much, let him wean off it. (If thats what kids do with dummies).
    I dont like the things but thats just my opinion.


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    Jan 2004

    I was the same Kerrie. Said i would never give my child a dummy, and i didn't.

    One of the mums at pre-school said when it came time for her DD to get rid of the dummy, they got her to throw it in the bin herself. When she came back asking for it, they reminded her that she had thrown it away. She said that it worked for them, as she only asked once and that was it.
    But maybe she was ready to let go of it, so that made it easier?


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    I have come to the conclusion that it just not that big a deal. Harry is not ready to let go of the dummy yet so I am not going to concern myself with it. I know what it is like to feel like you are getting funny looks at the shops when you have a 2 year old sucking on a dummy but I am not going to concern myself with that either. It is nobody's business. All I can say is don't get rid of the dummy because you feel like you have to because your toddler is "too old" to have a dummy. Like most things, if your toddler is not ready to give it up then you are setting yourself up for a fight, and for what? Appearances?

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    That is a good point Bon. I know my DH is already worrying about how we'll get rid of Kaleb's, and he's not even 3 months old yet! However, I did read a good tip in a magazine this week - a woman wrote and said that she made arrangements with a toy shop owner, then took her daughter to the shop to 'trade in' her dummy for a doll she could take to bed instead. I thought that was a pretty cool idea.