Ok Ladies I need some good tips!!

I am so tired of people acting surprised that we still wrap DD for her naps and telling me just how dangerous it is. More the second part than the first though I do understand the dangers IF she was to roll onto her belly.

DD will roll from front to back but won't roll from back to front in fact she cannot stand being belly down. She has never liked it even as a little baby.

Aside from that she is no longer staying wrapped! for her 90 min day sleeps yes but over night she wriggles out and up the top of her cot

I have thought about easing her off and have tried loosening it gradually but she just WON'T settle unless its tight, no matter how sleepy she is she will grizzle and carry on until its really snug.

What have others done to wean bubs off being wrapped for bed and how long did it take please??

Nae x x x