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    Weight guide

    Hi everyone

    Just want to get some feedback on how much your babies weighed at around 7,8 or 9 weeks old...and what were they at birth? Just want to get an idea if Reuben is gaining at the right rate...


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    Hey sweetie, my bubbas were born at 35.5 weeks and weighed 6lb 13.5 ozs and my boy at 35.6 weeks and he weighed 6lb and 7.5 ozs.

    Now DD is 3.5yrs and stillonly weighs 14kgs and DS is 8mths on the 21st and he only weighs 7.4kgs, it all depends on each bubba, Im sure if your MCHN is worried they let you know-have they said anything to you to make you this?

    Sorry about your other 7,8,9 week question, can't find damn books to let you know- good luck! Let us know ok sweetie.

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    Hi Pukeko,

    Aidyn was 3.8kg (8lb 7oz) at birth, and at 10 weeks he was 6.6kg (sorry I dont have his weight for 7, 8, or 9 weeks)
    After the first month of his life he has always been in the top 3 precentile for weight, so I wouldnt really say he is the norm, as he gained weight very rapidly.

    Have you checked out the weight and height growth charts at the back of your baby book that the hospital gave you, cause they show you the averages and differing percentiles.

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    Why don't you check out the MCHN Checkup thread? You can see birth weights and other weights for alot of the bubs on the forums. It might give you an idea....

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    Hi there ..

    Keep in mind that all babies are different... Your Health nurse should be able to advise if your baby is gaining ok....

    Jaykob was :

    Birth = 4.45 kilo
    5 wk = 6.08 kilo
    11wk = 8.45kilo
    12wk= 9.05 kilo
    16wk = 9.6kilo

    now at 6 months he is 11 kilo so while he is still heavy, he is slowing down a lil


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    Thanks girls...

    As I'm all VERY new to this 'mum' thing..I was starting to think I had the ámazing inflating baby'. Reuben was born at 36 weeks at 2.970 kg (6 pounds 9oz) and at 7.5 weeks weighed 5.085kg (11pounds 3 oz) I was thinking he was putting on wayyyyyyy too much. But looking at that thread Sarah_H put on for MCHN chat...he looks reasonable 'normal'. Either that or he's played a big game of çatch up'from his little birth weight.

    I just cant believe how quick they grow!!

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    I think boys are just born with their mouths open LOL! Elijah was smaller than his sister - 5lbs 15oz and is now 9kgs at 7.5 months - his sister is 13kgs at three years of age! Elijah was putting on around 750g-1kg a visit! This has now slowed as he is getting older, which is normal.

    Elijah is in the 90th percentile for height, he doesn't look fat, he's just a big boy! Marisa was always below average for all growth. As I have said once before in the forums, I think those percentile charts just give MCHN's something to flash about on visits - as long as baby is healthy then that's all that matters - the charts are based on averages and statistics.

    There was so much hoo ha with Marisa, one visit she lost weight (after the M&BU) and she was very slow to put on weight every other visit (despite being healthy, happy and very active), but now, she's a gorgeous, healthy, petite little thing! It's all just shaping of the unique person that is your baby. Of course, if your baby looks unwell and underweight, or overweight, you would know and address this with their carer / GP.

    Just like bellies, it's not a good idea to compare baby's weight as a health guide - they are all shaped so differently He'll slow down soon enough
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