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Thread: Weird poo and husky voice.... sorry!

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    Question Weird poo and husky voice.... sorry!

    Just changed Izzy's nappy and it was the usual nice mustard colour but it was super thick(and I mean thick - its normally kind of runny/watery) and there were bits that were kind of stringy/mucousy?? Not green or anything but there was also ALOT of it..Normally she does 2 a day in the morning, today it was just this one so that accounts for it being big - but Ive never seen it so thick before. She is fully bfed.

    She has had a bit of a husky voice in the last few days - so maybe the 2 are related? Also not sure what the husky voice is from? Im assuming its a bit sore although it doesnt really seem to bother her til late in the evening when she is pretty unsettled.Could it be something other than a sore throat? She doesnt have a fever or runny nose.


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    Not sure but Iggy has something similar except he is really sick now.
    If they are quite mucousy up top in their throats then it will often work its way down into their poo if they are swallowing it. I would just keep an eye on her for deterioration. Iggy is now vomiting, really snotty, infected eyes and mucousy poo. He is struggling to take any fluids so we are watching out for dehydration too. No fever though but so flat. We keep heading back to the Drs to get told 'he'll be right' which doesnt really help.
    Hopefully her symptoms won't develop but just keep an eye on her. Fingers crossed!

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    Thanks so much hun.... poor Iggy, I hope he gets better soon, its so hard when they are sick . I wondered about the stringy bits being mucous that she has swallowed as her throat and voice have been so husky but shes been happy enough and not feverish so its so hard to know whats wrong. Will keep an eye on it like you said - thanks again.

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    Not sure about the mucousy bits Tan but the change in consistency/colour could be related to teething. As you know, my Iz is FF but her poos are definitely variable these days with her teething.

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