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Thread: At what age could your toddler pedal a trike/bike?

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    Default At what age could your toddler pedal a trike/bike?

    Just wondering what age your toddler was able to pedal their trike/bike by themselves for extended periods?

    Aidyn got a trike with pedals for Christmas, and atm he is not too keen on it because he doesnt want to use the pedals, yet the pedals are in the way of him using his feet to push it along.
    Occasionally he will put his feet on the pedals and we will push him along, but the rest of the time he gets angry when we tell him to pedal...

    One of my friends told me her son couldnt get the hang of pedaling until he got a a proper small bike with training wheels. She thinks its easier when the pedals are under the bike, rather than at the front wheel.

    Would love to hear others experiences!

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    Lachlan has just started doing it in the last month with a trike with pedals near front wheels. So just over 2.5yrs. Kameron was a bit older over 3 i think


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    lani is 2yrs and 4mths and got a trike off santa with a handle on the back for us to push her, she uses the peddles all the time and sometimes we let go of the handle and she is still able to peddle it - however she does have a brother who just rides and rides and rides all day every day lol

    i totally agree tho i don't think a trike has peddles in a natural position to get the hang of peddling a normal bike. my ds could never use a trike but got a small bmx with training wheels for his 3rd birthday and mastered it immediately

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    Tehya got a trike for Christmas and is starting to use her pedals now. She does so pretty good too. She is a few days off 22 months.

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    It took a while for Lindsay to be able to pedal by himself on his trike, and he was nearly 2 or just over 2? I can't quite remember. Once he got the hang of it he was right and he moved to a normal bike at about 3 and got it right away.

    Erin could pedal the same trike from about 18 months and Paige hasn't got the hang of it yet either and she is 2.5 years.

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