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Thread: What to do when they are sick

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    Default What to do when they are sick

    Charlotte and Madison are unwell at the moment, I think Madison has got Asthma back, But Charlotte is not a happy girl, her nose is all blocked up, has a horrible caugh. She is having trouble feeding as she carn't breath when feeding, and I am having trouble getting her to go to sleep. We are off to the doctors this morning, as we went to a after hours clinic yesterday but I want them to get checked out by our gp. The doc yesterday said her tonislis (spel) were inflamed and has put her on to ab.
    My poor baby girls.

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    With the Fess for little noses - you can use it after you've had them in a steamy room (if it was steamy enough to soften the booga). I swear by the Fess - when Abbey had her two colds it was the only way she could get some relief - otherwise she would swallow it and chuck everywhere . I also found Tummy Time excellent for DD's nose - even the most stubborn of booga's run right out!!!

    If you want to use a vaporiser but can't afford one, you can hire them for a fraction of the price from most chemists.

    There is a chest rub designed for young children - I think it is called Eucabear. Kind of like a Eucalyptus rub. Just be careful with those kinds of things though because they can be a bit ouchy on sensitive skin - I have never been able to use them as they burn my skin. You can give bubs the same benefits by putting some on a piece of cloth under their sheet at the head end (or if they use a pillow, between the pillow slip and pillow).



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