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Thread: what to feed a toddler who self feeds ??

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    Question what to feed a toddler who self feeds ??

    what are some ideas for feeding a toddler ??

    he wont be spoonfed anymore and lunch times and tea times are getting a bit boring ... what have you fed toddlers ???

    so far he has veges and fish fingers and pastas .. but what about lunch ? is just fruit ok?? he has toast for bfast and i dont want the bread to clog him up .. as 1 piece takes 3 days to get out of our system ....

    what works for your toddlers ??

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    nothing wrong with just fruit. its probably very filling.

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    Zander loves his finger foods still & rarely has a sandwich for lunch.

    * Bread sticks, carrot sticks, celery sticks with dip. We vary it between philadelphia & homemade dips - french onion, corn relish, avocado & we're going to try & make hommus soon.

    * Home made chippies!! I cut up veges (potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot) to look like chips & throw them in the oven.

    * Cheese sticks & fruit, he doesn't like the processed cheese sticks, so we get a block of tasty cheese & cut up our own.

    * Heinz Little Ones rice cakes with vegemite.

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    What about pasta shells- the big ones, or other pick-upable pasta? Maybe with some sort of sauce he can dip it into? Or have it with soft veggies like avocado, cucumber, whole green beans or half cooked carrots. Home made chicken 'nuggets', meatballs, with things to dip into like cheese sauce/salsa/hummos/tzatzki(sp??) veggie patties, baked hard veggies (eg- pumpkin,sweet potato, potato, turnips) Ummm......different breads like mountain bread/tortillas/corn bread to dip.....can you guess I think dipping is FUN?! Hard boiled eggs, platter of chopped/diced/fingers of salad and ham/chicken leg/other meat, savoury muffins/small frittats/pancakes.

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    same problem happening here too so subbing to see what ideas others have

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    All of the above are great suggestions. Also left overs from the night before are a hit with Nina. Fritters, fruit, fish & salad, sandwiches. If you're worried about the toast at brekkie clogging him up, have you tried him on cereal in the mornings? Nina always eats with a folk or spoon too (plastic).

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    polnta fingers, little meatballs, little muffin pizzas cut up, savoury muffins,

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