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Thread: What if my newborn gets a temp?!!

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    Default What if my newborn gets a temp?!!

    DD1 has just come down with a temperature but i am freaking out that she will pass whatever she has onto my newborn!! i know there isnt much i can do now but i am a stress head. what are the chances of her catching something? and what can you do if you cant give panadol until 1 month old?

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    If your DD2 is breastfed that will protect her to a certain degree and if she is not the antibodies that you have been passing to her via the placenta will help protect her too.
    Try not to worry, keep you eye on things and if she does get a temp seek medical help immediately.
    Best of luck, I hope your DD1 gets well soon. xx

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    If she does get a temp, reduce her clothing and a tepid bath. But do not make her so cool that she shivers as this will actually increase her temp.

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