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Thread: What time to put toddler to bed??

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    Default What time to put toddler to bed??

    My DD is 20 mnths old and has always been a great sleeper. We have just welcomed home a baby sister and of course DD#1 is somewhat unsettled by this and sleep time has become an issue. Normally she is in bed from 6pm-6.30pm and will sleep through til 6.30am-8am depending on obviously how tired she is. She generally has a nap at lunch time from about 11.30-12 and will sleep for anything up to 3hrs (2hrs is pretty standard) Getting her to go down has never been an issue b4 but since DD#2 it's just plain hard work. I am beginning to wonder if maybe i am expecting her to sleep too much so just wondering time do you put your toddler to bed? Do you think this is too much sleep for her?

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    My 20 month old is up at 7, day nap from 1 - 3 and bed again at 7. he does it like clockwork! I give DS the full half hour before bed as undivided attention and he goes off great! Good luck...

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    My DD is roughly the same age as yours and has very similar sleeing pattern, although she doenst usually go down to bed untill she has been up for at least 5 hours. Most days she is up between 6-7am, has a midday nap for 2-3 hours and goes back to bed between 7:30-8:30. We find that if she is not tired enough she simply wont go to sleep, so rather than fight her we leave her a little later and she goes off quite well.
    I am expecting No. 2 in a few weeks so it might all go out of the window.

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    wow - i'm envious of all that sleep! My oldest is a great sleeper but my youngest isn't quite so good - although not bad.
    They both have a bath at 6.30 then milk and story in bed at 7 - 7.15 then Will usually goes straight to sleep and Oscar keeps the book and is alowed to keep his light on until 7.30 - 7.45pm. They usually sleep through till around 6am and will have a nap in the afternoon from around 1 til 3.
    i guess #1 is all justa little unsettled with the new arrival so hopefully she will settle back into her routine for you soon. Good luck

    Julie x

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