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Thread: What is your 21 month olds bedtime routine

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    Default What is your 21 month olds bedtime routine

    Ds used to be the best little sleeper at night, he would have some milk, be put to bed and go off to the land of nod, no issues at all. The last month however has gone from bad to worse and last night we didn't manage to get him to sleep till 10pm and then he was back up at 11pm for another 40 minutes ! I have no idea what to do anymore and was thinking maybe his bedtime routine needs a change. HELP! I am very heavily pregnant and worried about how i am going to cope with ds being up till all hours of the night and a newborn. Any suggestions would be great, we are desperate!

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    Wow 38 weeks!!!!! So exciting!! Ok so ours has been the same for a long time, but basically for both kids (DS is 23 mths) it goes,
    5-5:30 Dinner time
    6-6:30 Train/Quiet play - well we try to keep it quietish but they are loopy loos at times!
    If it's a bath night (every 2nd night) 6:40 run bath
    7 - Story on couch, teeth and then bed. J still has a bottle in bed to go to sleep, if he wakes up because he is hot etc. we just go in give a quick cuddle, resettling pat and that is usually enough unless he is sick.

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    Our routine is the same Tan's. One thing I did notice was when I was heavily pg with DS (DD was 24months) her sleep went haywire too. She knew something was going on and she really did turn into a terrible sleeper until DS was about 6 weeks old. Fingers crossed you wil be able to sort it out. It's exhausting enough being heavily pg without our toddlers keeping us awake overnight too.

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    1700 - 1800 (approx) dinner
    1830 - 1930 (approx) bath
    1930 - 2000 cuddles and books and BF
    2000 Kisses us all good night then is tucked into bed.

    (He went into bed at 25 months, but timeline was same when in cot)

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    Hey Hun, hang in there
    We do -
    5:30pm dinner
    immediately after dinner is bath time - this usally takes us to either 6pm or 6:15pm depending on how long DS wants to stay in there for.
    6:30pm - quiet play with cars or puzzles - during this time he also had a piece of toast and a cup of milk
    7pm - off to his room where we read 2 or 3 books, put him in his sleeping bag, kisses and cuddles and time for sleep.

    At 7pmn when it is time for bed, we dont pick him up and take him in there. We say "say goodnigh to mummy/daddy and lets go and choose our books". I find that way he gets a bit excited about going to his room to pick his stories rather than us just doing it. Sometimes he procrastinates by running away or picking up another toy to play with but we just keep calm and tell him again and usually he does it within 5 mins.

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