thread: What is your favourite feature?

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    Jul 2004

    What is your favourite feature?

    We all love how our kids look but what is your most favourite feature of them and why?

    Lily's would be her blonde ringlet curled hair. (when i can make it go the way i want it too!) When it works right it looks beautiful.

    Charlie's would be his dimple on his right cheek when he smiles. It makes my heart melt.

    Orson's would be his eyes. I just love their shape and the way the light twinkles in them.

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    kirsty_lee Guest

    oooo there's so many on Ava. I would say....

    Her REALLY blue eyes, like piercing blue. We can't go anywhere without someone stopping us and commenting on them.

    Her REALLY long eyelashes, she gets that from daddy lol

    And her gorgeous little dolls mouth!

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    Jun 2008

    Great thread Antheia .

    I love Olivers big bright eyes - they light up when he smiles! So cute.

    I love his hair - he's got heaps of it and everyone always comments on it.

    I love his chubby, soft legs

    I could go on and on and on...

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    Apr 2008

    Ashlyn's cute little lips and when they smile

    Also her eyes, she smiles with her eyes and its just gorgeous.

    Oh and that belly! So so so so so cute!

    Oh and her feet with those little toes at the bottom of her gorgeous little legs!

    And that little button nose......

    Who am I kidding, I thought I could just pick one feature but can't! She is too devine! I love love her to bits!

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    Jul 2006

    Her blonde hair and cheeky smile

    Her curly hair and big big eyes with long lashes

    His cute nose and smile when he giggles

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    Apr 2008

    Genevieve has the most beautiful dark brown eyes and long, thick black eyelashes which are seriously to die for! She has started to learn how to flutter them lately when she wants something - it is very hard to resist

    Juliette has deep blue eyes also with extremely long eyelashes (these are from DP, not me unfortunately) which I love but she also has the cutest little smile complete with dimples.

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    Dec 2007

    I love Molly's big brown eyes. They light up when she smiles and get stormy when she is cross.

    I love her gummy smile and her fat little legs.

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    Apr 2008
    The Purple House, Sydney

    My little munchkin's eyelashes. Sounds odd, but they are exactly like dh's- long, dark and slightly curled at the end.

    And I just love his babyness atm- it's fading fast. The other night he was walking around in a Wondersuit, with his dodie in his mouth and Iggle Piggle under one arm **melts** was just sooooo cute...

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    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    Great thread T!

    I love M's big hazel baby seal eyes,
    A's pixie features - upturned nose and dimples,
    C's lips are so full and kissable,
    R's lips and general babyness (stole your word LoriRae)