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Thread: what is your routine with your 6/7 month old baby

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    barney Guest

    Default what is your routine with your 6/7 month old baby

    girls im hopeing you could help me by telling me what your day involves with your baby.we were in a perfect routine but have slipped as we've all been sick and now charlie wants to wake any were between 4am and 6 am she will not go back to sleep sleep through the day may vary then bed at 7-8pm.
    girls what are you doing with your bubs

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    DD's routine went down the drain at 6mo. She used to sleep 7pm to 7am with 3 feeds overnight, and had two day naps.. then at about 6.5 months everything went sour. Her night wakings were between 3 and 6 times and often she would be wide awake at 2am, and also wake up for the day earlier at around 6am.
    Still struggling with this at 7mo, but I think it's coz we haven't got the hang of solids yet and she's just plain hungry and can't settle. Sorry not much help, but at least you are not the only one!`

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    barney Guest


    [SIZE="2"][FONT="Century Gothic"]aww thanks hun so much for the reply.
    im glad to hear charlie isnt the only one who is doing this lol..she was soooo good then like you said it all went sour anyways i hope she settles down again soon.
    thank you again smithy

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