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    Default whats that??

    "whats that? whats that? whats that?".......

    this is Krystals new word.. i think she says it about 30 times a day at the least! its very cute, but sometimes i just thingk aarrggggg! at the supermarket is the best.. she points to every fruit/veg etc lol
    it comes out more like 'wos at?' and she will keep saying it and pointing untill i tell her what it is!

    i guess she is preparing me for when she is a bit older and also wants an explanation when i tell her 'what that' is...

    who else has an inquisitive 21 month old? lol

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    yep, my 19 month old is always sayng 'dis?' as in this? as in whats this? :-) and she is saying 'why' all the time to but i dont think she gets exactly what it means... i think she says it alot instead of 'no' because if i ask her something and her answer is no i will ask why? and i think this is how she has picked it up.

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    My DD is still doing "what's that?", it is driving me batty. She loves to do it when she actually knows what it is, so often I just say "you tell me". Just wish she would stop it with the night time stories, as it just keeps her awake.

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