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Thread: What's wrong with feeding/rocking to sleep????

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    At such a young age, why wouldn't you be settling them by feeding or rocking? Our DD is 10 months and during the day is often still fed to sleep - it stopped working at night and she now goes into her cot awake, but that has only been since she was 8 months, and it was her that decided she didn't want it to settle. We have sleeping problems since DD was 6 months old and I got myself very stressed out by the parenting helpline nurses - i finally decided to not listen to them and do things the way that work me and sleep is getting better, and I am no longer stressed. As long as you are happy to do it, then go with it, and like a pp said, it lasts for such a short time that you'r probably regret it in future if you put an early stop to it. My DD is slowly weaning and I already miss the cuddles and the closeness.

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    Just letting you know i have dd asleep in my arms after settling her in them and i have no intentions of putting her down. i am about to snuggle up to her on the couch with a blanket. Trying to enjoy these moments as much as i can so poo to anyone who thinks that there is something wrong with it! You are her mum and a great oe at that so you do whatever you like hun

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