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Thread: When can I take my baby on a plane???

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    Default When can I take my baby on a plane???

    I am wanting to take my 6mth old baby on a plane.She was 8 weeks prem. so she is 4 mths corrected. Is it safe to take her at this age? I've heard the air pressure in the cabin is really hard on their ears so it can effect her hearing ?? Thanks

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    It should be fine. I think I took both my boys on planes when they were younger than that.
    If you can feed during take off and landing it helps to keep the pressure in thier ears from being an issue.

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    Chelsea started flying form 8 weeks old and has now been on 4 plane trips and she is fine. Will be asleep by take off and wakes 10 mins before we land no matter where we are flying too (Normally its to Canberra or Newcastle). She will be flying to QLD next month too. I give her a dummy and hold her ears (not that i think it does any thing).

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    WE took Rylee on a 10 hour plane trip (Johannesburg to London) at 4 and a half months and then she flew Johanensburg to Sydney at 6 months - no problems with ears at all - just fed on take off and landing and did alot of comfort sucking.


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