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Thread: When do they

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    Default When do they

    grow out of throwing their food on the floor ?

    I can't remember Kimberley being as bad as Alex is. Most of his food ends up on the floor even when we are sitting with him when he eats. The only time he eats all his food is when we feed him but he doesn't always like you doing that other than at breakfast time.

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    Melinda Guest


    LOL Michelle, it's frustrating isn't it. Jacob used to do this all the time.

    A few things we did to try and rectify this were:

    ~ Getting rid of the highchair and letting him sit at the table like a big boy to eat (he either sits at the dining table with us or sits at his own little table/chair setting).

    ~ As soon as food throwing/pitching it onto the floor began, we immediately removed the food. Our theory was that if he was throwing it about, he clearly wasn't hungry/interested enough to be eating it. So we would remove it (with as minimal fuss as you can manage LOL). He soon worked out that once he did it, it was gone.....

    HTH? Good luck.....I know it's a frustrating thing (perhaps a boy thing?!)

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    Thanks so much for your help Melinda.
    We already have Alex sitting at the table with us but i will try taking his food away when he starts to throw it on the floor or around the table.

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    rails Guest


    Michelle .... with Jesse he usually eats first quite greedily making lots of munching noises....then he will throw on the floor when he has had enough, we then finish him up ... like Melinda says i agree, they mustn't be that hungry if they are going to throw & play around with it...he knows it is all over then LOL !

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    Hi Girls ,

    unfortunately not just a boy thing...Kaitlyn is a "chucker" . Does not help that she sees the cat waiting for her rejects at the base of her highchair!. I also try to take the food away when she starts but she is still trying to learn what this means. But thanks to floorboards it does not worry me to much!.


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    beastie Guest


    xander stopped with nearly 1y as he could get the food with the fork in his mouth

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