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Thread: When will he sleep better?

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    Default When will he sleep better?

    Charlie is 4 weeks old and has never been a good sleeper. He is always either wanting boobie or a cuddle. This is our daily routine...

    6am-7:30am - Boobie and nappy change
    7:30am-9am - Cuddle but won't sleep
    9am-10am - Boobie and nappy change
    10am-1pm- Sleeps after a cuddle(cant put him down unless he's in a deep sleep)
    1pm-3pm - Boobie, nappy change and play
    3pm-11pm - Non-stop crying and lots of boobie
    11pm-3am - Sleeping for 10min lots, sooky the rest of the time
    3am-6am - Sleeping while on boobie but wakes every 10mins

    So as you can see, i get hardly any sleep myself. Neither does DH or Lily because they can't sleep while Charlie cries.

    I have tried dummies but he doesn't really like them. He would rather my finger but only rarely now.

    I'm not sure what to do. Will this ever end?

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    It will get better Tegan. I always say to mums when they are doing the newborn thing - the first 6w is survival. Thats it. If you can get through the next 2 weeks, you will be right, it will all start falling into place.
    In the meantime, can you do maybe 2-3 nights, and then DH do a night to give you a rest?
    There are so many things to suggest to try, its got my head swirling just thinking about them all. Little things like wrapping style, to being upright, to jiggling, and I'm sure you have tried them all.
    Make a big list of things to try and work through them all one by one.

    Its a nightmare, and its hard work. Keep going, you are almost seeing the light.

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    I have to agree... and geez looking forward to the next 6 weeks myself

    Its an endurance test matey & he is doing well... Matilda didn't sleep at all during the day during the first 6 weeks other than 10 minute stints. She woke every 2 hours in the night but we co-slept so I got more sleep with not having to move much. After 6 weeks she still woke every 2 hours overnight but I could move easier after the c/s so I would get up to do nappy changes etc...

    I think like Fi said, make a list of different things to try & try one thing a night & see what works.

    *lights dim
    *only quiet noise around him, shhh noises rather than loud movements, no talking etc
    * elevate his head end of the bed to help with wind.
    * try different sleeping positions, on his side... see if that helps him stay asleep & then roll him on his back when he's deeply sleeping. (maybe pat his bum or gently rock him until he is asleep)
    * Aromatherapy, burn lavender oil in the room.
    * Have Jacob take over for 2 hours so you can sleep... use ear plugs

    I know you know most of these, but if you compile a list & work through them like Fi said at least you feel like you are working on something & you are getting to know what Charlie likes too. Goodluck Tegan & I will be there in a few days *hugs*

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    Does he like movement? You could hire a hammock, they move just with the babies weight so no need for batteries or anything. Or maybe walk round with him in the pram and then leave him to sleep in it once he falls asleep?
    I haven't used it myself but have heard that "sounds for silence" CD is meant to be quite soothing.

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    My Charlie was a shocker for the first 3 months - i was up every hour on the hour

    Hope your charlie startes slleping for you soon.

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    All the other suggestions are great but I have just one more......

    Now this might sound silly but stop spending alot of time trying to get hiom to sleep.. Sit down with him cuddle and let him rest on you.. Yes I know you have other things to do but the more time you spend trying to get him to sleep the less he will sleep... I went through something similar with my 3rd son and I realised after a couple weeks that I needed to take his cues and just relax about it all.. I also left him to cry if I was in desperate need to do something such as cooking dinner or tending to my other children.. I hate hearing him crying but I didn't have any other choice and after a few days he realsied mummy would pick him up if she was able and I don't know things just worked out..
    I hope you can have a similar sort of result as it makes life so much easier...

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    I agree with some of what you said aussienic. We found that even though Nina was tired, she wouldn't go to sleep for a long time, or not at all, so we started keeping her up with us a little longer. Whether it was cuddles, or her sitting in the bouncer watching TV. Until it got to the point that she was so tired she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. I then feed her and she'll fall asleep on the boob, and I move her into the cot. This has worked for us now for about 3 weeks. It may mean going to bed at 9 or 10, but at least she's only waking once a night.
    The first 6 weeks is definitely the hardest. Good luck with the suggestions.

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    Oh, thank goodness , another one with a baby who doesnt sleep during the day.

    DS is 8weeks old, sleeps wonderfula t night, but during the day can be up for 8 hrs at a time, just so restless and i cant get him down, then he becomes over tired. it is killing me!!! but wow i feel for u.

    Last week i went to sleep school, and the little bugger( he he) slept all day for the nurses there,. but i find him hard ot settle.. i think i miss that window of opportunity to put him down when i see the tired signs.... good luck. i cant wait til 3mnths as i have been told that gets better

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