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Thread: Where to put baby?

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    Default Where to put baby?

    I am wondering what I am meant to do with baby when she has awake time at home? Other than when I am not holding, playing, singing, feeding etc with DD, I put her either in a bouncinette or on a rug on the floor. She loves both but I don't want her to get bored in them. What other options do I have? I know I can put her in the pram, but she can only really lie down in it or else she slides everywhere, and lying down, she can't see anything! Would love any new ideas...

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    we never had one for Krystal (although i wish we had!) tone of those mats with the dangling toys over the top.. i think you can get some which are good for when bubs is rolling and can hold her head up..

    we also had a jolly jumper (we had the winne the pooh one, with a tigger 'seat' and when she bounced, tigger started talking.. she loved it) your dd is probably too young for that just yet, but keep it in mind! oh and having a mirror leaning against a wall or something is also great when they are on their tummies, Krystal would smile at her self for ages!!

    we only had the vibrating bouncer with dangling toys, and a blanket on the floor...

    sorry im not much help!

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    Our BEST investment was a bouncer from BigW (about $69), ... Has a blue background with animals on the fabric and three toys hanging off it (a chicken, a dog & a cat). I would attach other toys from time to time so she wouldn't get bored. The bouncer also has a vibrator though our daughter wasn't a fan of the vibrator being switched on

    The cover you can throw in the washing machine & dry in the dryer

    Secure straps so bub doesn't fall out. She was in it from 3mth old to about 15mths old.

    Hold a bub up to 11 or 13kilo's. I have still seen it selling in BigW.

    She also had a playgym, which she loved . When she was tiny I would prop her up with a breastfeeding pillow so she could reach the toys dangling. My sister got it for me, I think the brand was called CHINO ?? It was an Italian brand. It was the only one she could find that you could wash the entire playgym in the washing machine. Handy if they are ever sick on it !!

    Also I would dangle balloons from the light fitting whilst she sat in her bouncer & she would gently kick them. What cheap entertainment !!

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    We got a playmat thing with a couple of arches over it...has scrunchy bits on the mat, and rattles and toys and bells hanging from it...Its amazing to see her learning and growing, being able to reach the lower toys then stretching to try to grab the higher one! lol
    She has a ball and it keeps her amused for hours! the toys are detatchable so you can put just about anything up there and they lie under it. It also has rattles and a mirror thing and a chew bit sewn on to the mat itself to paly with...about $60..think it was called a JollyMat or JollyGym or something...

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    What about a change of scenery? On a rug in a different room - gives her different things to look at.
    I second the balloons! My Dd gets such a thrill from balloons!!!!
    Try alternting toys within her reach.
    Pop some music on which gives her something different to focus on...



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    I guess it depends on whether you want activities to do with her or things that she can entertain herself with.

    Have a look at the book shop or library for books on baby play. There are heaps of games you can play that not only entertain but help her development.

    We have a mat with an arch over it with toys hanging off it. Since about 3 months DS has got into it.
    Could always get a Baby Einstein DVD and put it on while she is in the bouncer if you need a few minutes for yourself.
    We bought a Bumbo and he sits in that. Easier to move around than a bouncer.
    There are heaps of things around the house you can use to entertain (mirrors, kitchen utensils)

    It is a bit of a struggle some days. I think sometimes it is me getting bored doing the same old stuff with the same old toys than him getting bored.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Saffi View Post
    I think sometimes it is me getting bored doing the same old stuff with the same old toys than him getting bored.
    So true! DS will quite happily play with the same toys everyday - but I get bored!!

    Sometimes I take a cushion off the couch, put a plastic changemat & towel on it & lie him on that on the floor (with his nappy off). He loves to kick around!

    I also take his rocker outside & put it under the trees - he loves looking around outside. Once our grass is a bit healthier, I'm planning to put him out on a picnic rug instead.

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