thread: Who uses Baby Signing?

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    My DS could do around 70-odd signs by the time he was 15 months, but he didn't talk much till 20 months. He did acquire a small amount of language in the interim. He used a lot of signs because he couldn't talk yet, I don't think it delayed his speech. By 2 he was talking in 5-6 word sentences.

    My DD seemed to pick up the signing quicker, but hasn't gotten as far with it. I think it's because she has started acquiring words much earlier than DS did, so doesn't need it as much. Plus she prefers emphasis over precision in communication.

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    I know some people credit early speech to signs, but from my very small circle of friends who've used it I noticed a speech delay, because the kids were so good at signing why speak iykwim?
    The evidence suggests otherwise. But my DD does do a lot of grunting and pointing or grunting and signing to get her way. She has about 20 words and notquite as many signs - not sure, I'm not great at counting signs. So I have wondreed if it's because she signs.

    But honestly, I don't care. The "help" sign is such a tantrum saver that it's worth it!

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    Arcadia, I can't believe you have a circle of friends who have used it! Small or not!! I don't know a single person who tried it. I would have loved to sign with other babies too!

    Audax, I completely agree on the saving a tantrum. For me, that was the real bonus.

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    last night i the first half of a KWS coarse if you google "sign bank" they have a whole range of signs - the women who took the corase said that baby sign is good - and being able to sign later on - be it at child care/kinder helps alot too as most early childhood carers learn a small amount of it.

    But she also said it is a stepping stone in communication as well - for those who talk later it could be the first "a-ha" moment before speech happens, it can also help when it comes with kids with speech issues/commication issues to.