thread: why do they cry at same time each day?

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    why do they cry at same time each day?

    chelsea has been crying (and i mean CRYING) from 9pm-12am each night for the last couple weeks. why is it that it happens at the same time? i am presuming its colic cause she is fed and clean, not interested in a cuddle, not interested in anything really expect crying!

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    It's the witching hour! Sounds like my DS. He will cry around 7-8 each night and it can continue for hours Classic symptom of colic...
    Maybe it's tummy/wind pains? Is she drawing her knees up at all? I don't know why, but my DS is always more windy during the most ungodly hours...

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    Its completely normal hun...we called it the arsenic hour(s). My bub would do it at 9pm for at least an hour. It started magically at 5 weeks and disappeared just as magically at 10 weeks. I don't think there is any cause, it is just developmental.

    I think it is bub's way of releasing all the tension from the day in preparation for bedtime at night. You may find as bub learns day from night, it will get a bit earlier. It tires them out so they sleep longer, so I would always just hold her until it passed.

    My Paediatrician said he thinks colic should actually stand for Continued, Ongoing, Lengthy, Infant, Crying - basically the arsenic hour - because almost all babies do it!


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    I used to call it zoo hour! My kids all cried from 4pm until 7pm. I hated it!