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Thread: why is he doing this ????

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    Unhappy why is he doing this ????

    recently ds has started to sleep for too long ....

    yesterday he got up about 8.30 am which is usually 1 hr later ,even more sometimes when he usually gets up ...

    went back down at about 11am after having breakfast and a bit of a play ... he didnt wake up till 4.30 pm .... during this time i kept checking on him and he was fine , and i wasnt about to wake a sleeping baby ..

    normally if he wakes at 5 or 6 dh gives him a bottle and he goes back to sleep for a while , but to day he didnt even stir until 9.30 am , and thats because my mum was over and talking really loud ...

    he then went down again at 11 and its now 3.15 and the phone just rung , which made him cry , but now he is asleep again ...

    is this unusual ?? he normally has a 2 hr day nap , only one .. he was sick but seems to be better now and isnt teething (that i can see ) , there are no lumps on his gums ....

    his bed time is 7 pm and is always in bed by then....

    Also when he is playing he seems to be more short tempered, and when he is crawling he crawls a few meters then stops to rest his head on the ground , or come up to me and put his head down ... but he wont relax if i just hold him ....

    i dont know if this is a stage / growth spurt or an underlying issue...

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    That does sound like a lot of sleep! It sounds very much what I just went through with DD. Turns out she had low iron levels. They weren't even that low (5, when the normal is between 6-100) but it had a massive effect on her. She was doing the same thing, sleeping heaps and when she was awake she would often just lie down on the floor to rest.
    She didn't need supplements, I just increased the amount of iron in her diet and now she is more energetic than ever
    Growth spurts can drop the iron levels too.
    But if you're really worried, take him to a Dr, just to get him checked out.

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    DS is going though something like this too. He sleeps 13hrs overnight and has 2 naps a day lasting 3 hrs sometimes. I think he's just going through a growthspurt because all he does is eat and sleep.

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    Wow!! That is a big sleep............ extraordinary.

    Maybe higher iron levels would help.

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    I don't want to worry you, but I think you should get him checked by your doctor. That sounds like a lot of sleep and especially as it has been a sudden change, there may be an underlying issue.

    If it is just a growth spurt/stage, seeing the doctor will help you relax, and if it is something like low iron levels, you can do something about it.

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    I agree that you should get him checked out JIC. DD does this sometimes. I'll get a few days of grumy behaviour and masses of / no (depending, but always a huge change from the normal) sleep and then a tooth appears or a cold comes on or something - it's always for a reason, but not always clear for a few days what the reason IS iykwim.

    Getting him checked out can't hurt though if he has formula it's pretty unlikely his iron is low. Not impossible (especially after a growth spurt) but unlikely.


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    OK, I'm a mean mum, I was thinking about asking how to get iron levels to drop so DS will sleep! Illness does induce sleep, so I hope he gets over whatever is causing this soon.

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    In my experience this is perfectly normal every now and then. Archie seems to do it occasionally and it lasts a few days then he is back to normal i have just put it down to a growth spurt or a stage where he is learning heaps of new things at once. make the most of it!

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