thread: Why Pigeon Pair?

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    Question Why Pigeon Pair?

    I've heard it lots today (and before) and I know it means a boy & girl, but where did it come from? Why pigeon? Just wondered LOL!

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    Cause a fish pair would be to hard to tell apart LOL... I have no idea but I would be interested too !!!

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    I always assumed it was 'one for Mum and one for Dad' but I don't know why a 'pidgeon' pair though.

    ETA - it got the better of me so I googled it LOL

    It was once thought that pigeons typically laid two eggs, and that they hatched into a male and a female chick. You didn't have twins, but you still have a pigeon pair by having a boy-girl set. Lucky you!
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    Almost the same but when you closely they have their differences

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    I'd heard that it was when you had a boy & then a girl. Because pigeons lay 2 eggs, boy & girl, but the first egg is always the male.. so if you're breeding them, and want a female only, destroy the first egg.

    A girl and then a boy isn't a pigeon pair.

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    Ahhh, so the people who tell me that I have two pigeon pairs are wrong, because Paige and Alister are the wrong way around LOL.

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    Hmm, I didn't know that. BTW, there's nothing wrong with having two boys either LOL!!

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    I have always been told I have a pigeon pair aswell just never thought of why apart from the boy girl thing, but have to say I did hate when people would say to me " why have the 3rd when you have a pigeon pair" grrrrrrrr beacause I bloomin well wanted too. Wonder what they will say when we try for our 4th.

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    I was told when i had my pigeon pair i wouldn't need to have anymore.

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    i get told about the pidgeon pair thing all the time having b/g twins
    the heir and the spare and
    also the phoenix and the dragon!
    so it never stops!!

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    Tali I've had so many people asking me today if we'll stop at two now because we are having a boy & a girl LOL!

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    Yeah.. we've been told we don't need any more cos we have one of each

    btw... congrats on it being a girl Sarah!

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