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Thread: Will sleep return to normal?

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    Default Will sleep return to normal?

    My DD had a UTI which they diagnosed on sat and she started on anti-biotics. She seemed to pick up quickly and returned to her old self. The prob is her sleeping at night is just getting worse.
    She is Bf and while unwell she had unlimited comfort feeds so now I'm worrying that she will continue this behaviour of needing the breast all night. Each night she is sleeping shorter blocks, last night she had one 3 hour block of sleep otherwise it barely made it 2 hourly between comfort feeds. She won't settle any other way.

    Just want to know from those who have had sick bubs, did their sleep go out the window and how long til their usual sleep pattern returned? She's never been the longest sleeper, usually its 4 hour blocks.

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    shell - I hear ya on the no sleep, constant comfort feeds all night long!! As you know Nina has been unwell with ear infections and the cold for the past week & half. She was up and down like a yo-yo during the nights with comfort feeds all night long. One night, it was every 2 hours. I too was worried she'd get used to this and it would become habit, but last night in a 10 hour sleep she only woke once, at midnight for a feed. She had last fed at 6pm. Didn't feed again till 7.30am.
    I say give her time to get over being sick, also while she's on atiobiotics she may not be feeling her usual self, so will want mummy more. When she's off the antibiotics you'll probably see a difference.
    Good luck & HTH.

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