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    Default Wind!

    My poor little boy seems to have sooo much wind. I've met farty abbies before, but this is much worse. Over night especially, he seems to constantly be in pain and when I push his legs up to his tummy he passes out heaps of wind. This relieves him for a couple of minutes then he's sore again.

    I don't think it's to do with my diet, and he attaches well so is not sucking in much air, and he always does a couple of decent burps after each feed.

    We've tried Infants Friend and that doesn't seem to do much. What else can we try? I've done some basic abdominal massage with him with mixed results. I seem to remember there being some pressure points for this but can't remember where they are...

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    You can try a warm bath for him. And if you can, put him on his belly in the bath, that should help a lot. You could also try cooled boiled water, even if it's just 10ml, that does the trick for Emily.

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    You could try Wind Drops - Infacol C. In a yellow box at the chemist.

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    hI there!

    I had people try the cyling bike trick... bringing the knees into the belly and out again like a bike ride.

    It works but DD didnt really like it - so what we did was hold her to do litle squats on our lap... made it fun like jumping! and it helped a lot.

    Also tummy time as the pressure on the belly pushed her farts out! lol

    But she still does ripsnorters now... doesnt bother her like when she was a bub though

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    Hi there, i did a baby massage course a few months ago and there is one where you start on the baby's right hand side (at the bottom of the hip - basically where the intestine area is...) and stroke upwards along the inside of the hip bone, then across the pelvis area, then back down the inside hip on the left. it worked really well for DD (with wind and constipation). the premise is to gently get things moving in the intestines....


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    My Dr today suggested a couple of sips of cooled weak chamomile or fennel tea for bub might help to get things moving along, and help pass wind... She suggested something like 20 -30 ml in a bottle, or sip from a cup or spoon...
    I haven't tried it yet, instead I am drinking them to see if they pass through my milk and help.
    It is so hard to see bub in pain.

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    I'm in the same boat, my three week old suffers from tummy/wind pain mid feed, it's worst at night. Just wondering on the cooled boiled water remedy, when would I give it to her? When the wind pain starts? Before I start her feed? She is breast fed....


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