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    Aug 2004
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    Windy Baby

    Hi Girls

    I`m just wondering is it normal for babies to be extremely windy? Matthew is a very windy baby and it`s starting to really smell to the point where you think he has a dirty nappy but doesn`t, I even blamed my step son for making such a terrible smell saying it couldn`t possibily be Matthew as a baby doesn`t smell that bad but I was young it was Matthew!!!!

    Take Care


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    awwwwwww poor Matthew!!

    (and poor mum if he smells that bad you blame it on another child lol!!)

    Is he having any other symptoms? Like bad nappy rash etc?

    I just remember my best friend's daughter (who is lactose intolerant, even though breast fed) had shocking nappy rash and was terribly stinky!!

    Is he breast or bottle fed?? Maybe if he's bottle fed, a change in formula might change the smell?

    Are you eating anything different to usual that might be affecting him (if you are breastfeeding that is??)

    Sorry I can't help much - never had that problem with my kids before!

    Having said that, I do have a really stinky boy now!! Ever since he was put onto solids, he has gone feral in the stink department lol!!! Sometimes I can't believe such a horrid smell could come from such an angelic little boy!!!!!!! Maybe it's a boy thing lol!!!

    Best wishes

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    Aug 2004
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    Kelli, thanks for your reply.

    Matthew is breastfed, my diet doesn`t really change too much, I did have about 4 spicy wedges on Friday night and he did have an upset tummy on Saturday but this smell was happening before then. No he doesn`t have any nappy rash, only other symptoms is he`s been dribbling a lot in the last week and the last couple of days he`s been pulling at my breast, if he had teeth I`d have a few marks - I wondered perhaps he`s teething but he`s only 9 weeks so it`s way too early.

    As you say perhaps it is a boy thing LOL I just hope that one day he`ll be able to control it all.

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    Dee - Jenna has had some stinkers too. Generally when she has an upset tummy, or I have eaten something naughty. Most recently it was on the plane, and it was SOOOOO embarrassing! She stunk out the whole cabin!!

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    Some of Ryley's were gross when he got a bit older but I a not sure about when he was that little- sorry