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    Last night in Melbourne the weather was so windy, occasionally the windows would all rattle, really think it is the windiest night we have had since DS (8mnths) was born..Anyhow not sure if this was the reason but DS woke every hr, he would scream for a minute then go back to sleep, so last night he woke like 7 times, so unusual for him.. could this be the reason,, needless to say, I am completely zonked today!!!!

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    Hey, we had the same wind here and Abby had a shocking night too... it was just nuts the amount of times she woke up. She ended up in our bed and honestly dont think she slept much at all. I dont think it was the wind for her tho, think it was a combo of her teeth and her own wind! hehe

    I was lucky, she was sooo cranky after her breakfast, just constantly sooking about everything so we both went back to bed for a couple of hours.

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    thanks heaps, praying for a better night tonight

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