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Thread: Winter Babies??

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    Default Winter Babies??


    I am due to have my third baby in May next year and i have two boys already. I had the boys in January and October which are both very summer type babies. Are winter babies hard to get up to as it is cold?
    Did they get sick while very little?
    Should i only buy all in one outfits for the first few months?

    Sorry i have a few questions i think that i am nervous about having a winter baby cause i have only had summer babies. If you have any advice or suggestions about winter babies i would love to hear them all.

    Thanks heaps


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    James was a winter baby and he was born in Gosford on the NSW central was cold to get up in the middle of the night of course, but it was more comfortable getting snuggly while BFing. He didn't get sick at all and he lived in Wondersuits until about 4 months.

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    I second mrsr! My first was born in July and yep was a little chilly getting up to him but nice and snug to feed. He LIVED in the wondersuits and I used to put a little jumper over the top when it was really cold outside. I actually found that easier than trying to guess how hot/cold my little March boy was.

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    I had my lovely in winter. Wasn't hard in the middle of the night because he was next to my bed, he wore just sleepsuits/wondersuitsat first due to pressure from my mother who insisted he didn't need to get dressed, but was soon in a bodysuit that fastens at the crotch, trousers, socks and cardigan/jumper/shirt for the day.

    He was 5m old when he got his first cold in the middle of summer.

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    I loved my winter baby too! It is so snuggly to feed them during winter too. Our house is really cold so sometime it was hard to get out of a warm bed to feed, but there is no reason why you can't feed bubs in bed - which is what I ended up doing LOL. Or you could get a little foot/blower heater which is also effective. Paige lived in wondersuits/jumpsuits and to go out I would just pop a track suit or a pair of overalls over the top. And she never got sick either. If your older children get the lurgies during winter, just keep bubs away from them as much as you can and make sure your hands are clean etc when dealing with bubs. I bought Alister home to a DH and three kids all in various stages of illness and recovery from the flu and he didn't get it at all.

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    I loved my winter baby, having him all snuggled into me while having a feed. I agree with everyone, it's hard getting up but having them snuggle into you is wonderful. I had a really bad cold when Cody was 11 weeks old and he never got it even though I was near death (or felt like it), he so much as got a sniffle.

    Enjoy your winter baby.

    hugs xoxo

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    I have a May babe too, and exactly what the others said, though there's plenty of cool kids stuff that's doesn't have to be a wondersuit and is still warm if you don't like them. Me I'm a practical (read lazy) mum. They were just easier. Darcy was 6months old before she became unwell really. Makes toilet training at 18months easier because now it's warm enough for no pants....and learning to walk - warm enough for no shoes around that age too.....

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    Ours is a winter baby, and we live 30 mins from the ski fields, so pretty chilly here! We had a column heater with thermostat in his room so it was always lovely and warm, warmer than the rest of the house at night so it wasn't bad to hang out in his room. He had grosuits galore, and one fancy outfit, a vest and coat and tons of hats and mittens.

    Oh, and he didn't get sick at all.

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    Yep May baby here too! We found that she would live in gro suits at home, where the heater was always on! If we went out we would put her cute little jeans and pants over the gro suits and little jumpers and tops over the top - just lots of layers and beanies!! Her room has a little heater and stays at 16 degrees overnight so she stays toastie, we used a sleeping bag with blankets over the top.
    I kept a nice warm blanket folded over the couch and used my warm dressing gown to wrap around us both when feeding at night! Im surprised that it wasnt as cold or as bad as I thought it would be! In the early days its good to have nice warm deep baths together too as you dont necessarily get all the lovely skin to skin contact you get in summer! Its also a nice relaxing way to end the day together -nice warm and floaty!
    Good luck and enjoy the snuggles!

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