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Thread: Wonder week - 19!!

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    Default Wonder week - 19!!

    OMG, this chapter in the wonder weeks book was written about missy moo! I DO have a text book baby after all

    She's ALL of the things that the book says, sleeping poorly (in the day), clingy, not a great appetite at the moment...... etc.

    Just wanted to share. I was a bit skeptical about that book but wow, it's right on the money!!

    Sue xx

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    We've only had two Wonder Weeks so far (Weeks 5 and 8) and we're due for one in about a week or so. I think it's on the money! When he hit his Wonder Week at 8 w/o, he was so fussy and wouldn't let me leave him alone for a second, even to go to the toilet! It was crazy! But we're enjoying the sunny time now, and preparing for another fussy period in the next week.

    I'm also glad that now that I know it's coming up, I already have plans to bunker down, eat out of the freezer, stay in bed longer, etc, if he's being fussy next week. It's nice not to plan anything knowing that he might be too fussy anyway!

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    Yeah, it's nice to know where it all comes from and that they are just struggling to process things - I often worry that I'm doing something really wrong.

    sue xx

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    MummaSue I was pretty unsure about the book too, until we hit week 18, and by week 19 I too thought it was written about my DD!! It has passed now and she is even more amazing then before (and alot happier too!)

    I'm sure you're not doing anything wrong either, but I know what you mean

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    Thanks HB xx

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