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    Unhappy Won't eat... extra bottle?....

    I am tearing my hair out trying to get Iz to eat again. We had a few great days but she has a runny nose again and is off her food. She only has 2 bottles a day - one first thing and the other at night before bed. Should I give her a midday one now because she won't eat anything except a bit of rice cracker and a kids apple and muesli bar?? Or just leave it??? She is on toddler formula now. I know she won't starve and I don't eat when I'm not well but she looks so pale and isn't even 9kgs yet and I worry that she isn't getting enough nutrition. Breaks my heart to see her pasty and sick looking. We have now hit one month that we have all been sick - this is Izzy's 3rd cold in a month, and she's also had gastro, she has had about 4 days of being great and now sick again. Waaaaahh.

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    Oh Tan, your house sounds like mine!!! Luckily Angus only lost his appetite with the gastro, with his cold he seems to be eating OK. Although I think he is a bit pickier after having vomiting for so long. He is under 9kg also, and looks pasty!!! Not sure about the bottles, but don't see how it would hurt. The Dr told me when Angus was really sick not to worry about solids too much if he didn't want it. Just to make sure he was getting heaps of fluids. Good Luck!!

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    I was going to say what Shellebelle long as Iz is getting plenty of fluids then she will be ok. Chelsea was quite sick back in Feb and my dr said make sure she is drinking lots. Whether it be water, juice, ice blocks, Hydrolyte...anything. I gave her some jarred fruit gels and jarred fruits.

    Hope Iz gets better soon.

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    Tan, personally I wouldn't give her an extra bottle. If she needed more she'd eat it. I know I made the mistake early on of giving Jack milk when he wouldn't eat and it was so hard getting him back on track and eating properly. I think you are better off just offering the food and not fussing if she doesn't eat it. When her appetite picks back up she'll eat it then. And she will do that when she needs it.

    I know it's hard, having BTDT I know how much we feel the need to feed our kids. But sometimes letting them eat when they are ready and not worrying about it is the right thing to do, even when it feels wrong! Big hugs, I hope everything settles down soon.

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    Milk can totally bugger up their tummies when they are trying to recover. Their gut can take a few weeks to get over it all.

    Those fruit gels can be pretty easy to get into them.

    Hope it over soon xoxoxo

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    Eeeeek thanks guys - I did give her an extra bottle today, but I've realised that it is her other molar coming through that has caused a bit of a temp and runny nose - poor flossy. She suffered with the other one a few weeks ago but I didn't even realise that was what it was. She is a great water drinker thank goodness so will just keep up the water and fruit and not worry too much about her solids. She doesn't want to eat anything hard because it must hurt her gums. Righteo off to bed myself now! Thanks again!

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    its awful when they are unwell and off their food. Maybe with having had the gastro get her to have some probiotics to help rebalance her tummy, we've been doing that with DS and he is eating much better now.

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    Aw poor Iz. I think I would have given her that extra bottle too Tan. When they're feeling sick and sorry for themselves I think they need a bit of milky comfort. I'm sure her eating will pick up in time..and that's great she loves water too.

    Aren't those molars killers!- DD got one this week and it actually shocked me to see it poking up! They're huge!

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