Hi all

My 9 month old baby boy Alexander has had diarrhea for the past few days. He has had rotavirus before and that was 12 days of hell! Recently he has had diarrhea again but not as severe. I called the doctor to my house last night because I wanted to make sure it was nothing serious. He hasn't had a temp or runny nose or any other symptoms but the diarrhea.
The doctor seemed to think he was fine except for the diarrhea and suggested it could be some foods I am feeding him. I haven't really changed his diet though, he eats vegies, chicken, beef (v small amounts of meat), tiny bit of cheese occasionally and pureed fruits such as apple, banana, apricot and strawberry yoghurt and occassionally some orange mixed in. Almost all of the fruits I give him are from baby food you buy at the supermarket.
I don't know if it is the food he is eating or what, he seems to always have loose stools when he doesn't have diarrhea. He has been eating these foods for a while but may have had a few new fruits added in some of the mixed pureed ones I buy. I now know not to feed him anything acidic like orange or strawberry as this can sometimes cause a reaction.

Sorry to be graphic :eek: but...
I heard if there is mucus in the stools this is cause for alarm. Today I noticed there was some mucus in the stools and it was a yellowish colour with what looked like undigested food in it. Should I take him back to the doctor? he is in great spirits otherwise.
Perhaps I am giving him too much fruit? If so, what else should I feed him for breakfast and lunch?

I would appreciate it very much if you could share your experience with me!