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Thread: wow 1mth old today

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    jay+tyler Guest

    Default wow 1mth old today

    i cant believe tyler is 1 mth old today
    its amazing to think i gave birth 4 weeks ago i mean im still sore but it only feels like the other day
    but then again jayden is going to be 2years old in two months
    how time flies
    thats why you should just enjoy them they just grow up so fast
    its scary
    anyways just thought id share my news

    darrin-kylie 5years
    jayden - 22mths old
    tyler - 4 weeks old

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    Pietta Guest


    It is amaazing how fast it goes!! I remember giving birth and now my little boy is saying- No Mummy...

    I have learnt to cherish all our time now

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    I know exactly what you mean Kylie, my little one is now 16weeks old and it still feels like it was yesterday i gave birth

    Actually it is a year to the day that i found out i was pregnant with Corey.

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    jay+tyler Guest


    ihave to agree my little boys comes out with the most amazing things
    i always cherished the time with him i have enjoyed every minute of him even when he drives me up the wall and down the other side i just hope i can get the chance with tyler life is alot more hectic and im noticing it abit but its to be expected i guess i didnt have anyone to attand to with jay so im just goin enjoy every minute i can
    when tyler in bed spend time with jay when jay in bed time with tyler

    its funny things they come up with i say to my little boy when i give him something "what do u say" he normally say ta mum now he say's "what u say what u say" its so funny

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