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Thread: Wow! But Strange...

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    Default Wow! But Strange...

    Ellie has got her first tooth at 4 1/2 months!!

    The extra weird thing is that it's her left pre-molar....NOT a front tooth, not a canine...a premolar. Can u believe it??????? Is that common??????

    I just can't find ANY information ANYWHERE about a baby getting a molar first...Ellie couldn't do anything normal - had to be the first to do something weird and unique...ha ha. So she's now on panadol & bonjela.

    Do I brush it?

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    I would think that you can brush it - just use a bit of soft cloth on your finger

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    Wow that is unusual!
    Mason got his top two teeth before the bottom ones but they started at 7 months.

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    YAY for teeth, well done Ellie!

    I was reading somewhere that as soon teeth start appearing you brush them. Not sure which ones appear first though.

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    One of our members was born with her eye teeth!! I wish I could remember who it was.

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    Congrats on your first tooth Ellie, My youngest DD had four teeth at four months they were the bottom front teeth. Even when she was first born she gummy bit while feeding so painful once they came throu they were ok.

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    Geniebean Guest


    It looks like a bottom canine is coming through too. Very strange girl. But I give her fluoride? We don't have it in our water up here?

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    Its best not to give flouride. If babies get flouride it can cause permanent discolouration of thier adult teeth. For now you just want her to get used to you sticking your fingers in her mouth to clean them so you can just use a cloth over your fingers. When she has a few more teeth you can get a little toothbrush and use that instead of a finger (they sell little sets of 'first brushes that are rubber and in steps but they're really a bit of a gimmick you may as well use a normal child's toothbrush). Once she's old enough to spit you can start using the children's toothpaste that is low in flouride. While she has her baby teeth the most important thing that you need to do is set up the habit of oral hygiene.

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