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    How old should a baby be when the the wrapping up at sleep time should stop?

    I am having problems getting my little daughter to hate the wrap, she absolutely loves it, but there are times when she has her hands out.

    I am worried she is getting too old for it. Am I encouraging the wrong thing?

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    No I wouldn't think so... a lot of mums go for the gro bag after they get too big for wraps but I have known mums to use cot flat sheets for wraps when their bubs get too big for their wraps. I plan on using a wrap as long as possible...

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    I went for the Grobags. Jesse use to always be wrapped at night and being summer was on its way i wanted to get him out of that routine, so i bought some Grobags. He was a little unsure about it at first but took to them really well and quickly, as he was kinda use to having his arms free while napping during the day. Ive now found that he goes down so easily in his cot during the day that his arms are free and hes in the grobags. Perhaps you can start letting her be unwrapped during her day sleeps then slowly introduce it into her night sleeps, but if youre happy on continuing to wrap then thats fine too. Do whats best for bubs

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    Ang, I wouldn't worry. There's no right age. She'll let you know when she hates it. Darcy certainly did!

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