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    Question Wriggle worm.....

    Chelsea has just begun to roll (YAY..finally)..But now i worry constantly because she has discovered she can get on her tummy. Im scared she will stop breathing cos she isnt on her back, but face down when in bed.

    A few ladies in my baby group suggested a rolled up towel/blanket next to her to stop her but she just wriggles up the bed and on to her tummy.

    Yesterday during the day she was sleepin on her side.... but out of the 4 times i got up lastnight... she was on her tummy every time!

    Can any one offer so more suggestions... or should i just stop being paranoid?

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    Kim - You can buy a safe and Sound thing to stop them rolling over, I got one for ds when he was probably exactly the same age. I don't use it now but he can roll back over heaps easier now. He has started to sleep a lot on this tum too. I rang Tresilian when dd was about the same age cos i was paranoid too and they said to put bub down on thier back and if they roll over , you can't be there all night to roll them back. I do check on them both heaps during the night though lol

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    You might just have to stop being paranoid! ;-) It's hard though. I remember when Cooper first started sleeping on his tummy. I was so scared! But then I got used to it. He's been sleeping on his tummy since he was about 4 months old. He also loves sleeping on his side.

    I always put him down on his back and then let him do whatever!

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    I used to use the Safe n Sound thing too that Soph suggested (can't think of the name) and it was great in the beginning when Nina was just starting to roll. She's always been a side sleeper, but when she started rolling always tried sleeping on her tummy. I don't use it anymore, but in the beginning it was great. Also, have you got an Angelcare monitor? This has been peace of mind for me, cause Nina sleeps in the most awkward positions now.

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    I think its called a safe T sleep.

    Milo is a tummy sleeper, from the time he could roll over he has slept on his tum. I was less worried, as I knew he had a really strong neck, and could roll back (its more of a problem I think to have them on their tum when they cannot yet roll). Plus I think they learn to turn their head to the side.

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    Jovie's just started rolling too. When Matilda started it, the MCHN's said as long as she can roll both ways & has good head control to not worry. So I didn't. She's slept on her tummy ever since (10 weeks for her). Jovie gets upset when she rolls and won't fall asleep (driving me nuts atm)... so I pop a rolled up towel behind her & pat her to sleep. She moves HEAPS in her sleep now, we have to get her a cot now that she is squirming out of the hammock!

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    I have a roll thingy..... but my nurse who came out here when Chelsea first come home said i cant use it and its not reccomended...... but i think im going to give it a go..

    She has strong neck muscles... but can only roll onto her tummy and not back again.....

    Ill give it a go tonight... otherwise ill stop worrying and let her be....

    Thanks for your help ladies.

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    I remember being worried when Kaitlyn first started rolling but Kaitlyns Pead said not to worry as if they can roll one way they can get themself back if need be. I think probably overtime you will start to get used to her new found freedom :-)

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