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Thread: Yay !!! DS is is a BIG bed :)

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    Default Yay !!! DS is is a BIG bed :)

    Well since moving we decided to keep the cot in its box and set up a new RACING CAR BED for our beautiful son who is 21 months old.

    He hadnt outgrown his cot but rather enjoyed sleeping with us most nights and taking up my side of the bed...
    Nanna bought the bed, RED because it goes faster, and We went shopping for special big boy sheets /etc which DS picked out on his own (Blue and white stripes)

    So for two weeks now.... DS has been sleeping ALL night is his own bed.

    He wakes up once about 5am and calls out for me and I either pat him back to sleep or lay beside him until he sleeps again and he sleeps til 7.30am-8am

    I finally have my spot back in the bed
    He loves his CAR
    And Hubby and I finally can.... doesnt matter now that Im pregnant anyway but we were ttc......

    SO YAy for my little boy

    and for us all sleeping soundly for atleast six more months

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    wow thats great!!! he has done so well!!
    Im hoping DD's move to the big bed will go as smoothly as that

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    Awww, what a clever boy!!

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    Yay for all of you!

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