thread: "You should be watching her!"

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    Jul 2009

    Cool "You should be watching her!"

    Is what my DP would say whenever i called him to vent after DD had done something horrible such as pouring half my washing powder down the drain or covering her whole bedroom and herself in nappy cream...

    So the past two days i have decided to 'sleep in' but have been listening to the goings on..

    Sunday: His biggest annoyance is DD getting up before me and getting into his room and into his belongings so i should be getting up first or ensuring the door is closed, he didn't believe she could get in herself.... So she got into his room, destroyed his headphones, got into his paperwork, got into his medications (thankfully she hadn't consumed any) and had been playing with a wine glass.... (all things HE got into trouble for)

    This morning: First one was DD had walked into his computer room with a bowl on her head, he said "oh look at you don't you.......oh crap wait don't tell me you did what i think you did!!!" *insert my giggling to myself* Oh yes the infamous pouring her cereal on the floor/couch and wearing her bowl as a hat. I then heard him say "pick them up, all of them!" and she was sent to time out.

    He then went to the toilet which is just outside our bedroom, i already knew what she had done (i said we needed another child gate to block off the toilet.... he said his usual "nah it'll be right".....) and as soon as he got in there it was a very loud "OH FFS!!! DD come here!!" *insert giggling quietly* He proceeded to explain to her that the toilet is NOT for putting shoes/toys/magazines in and only for poos and wees and she was sent to time out again but this time for longer. He cleaned it up, muttering things under his breath. After he was done i heard him in her room talking to her, she was saying "sowwie daddy" (nawwwwww )

    I got out of bed and REALLY wanted to say "you should be watching her!" but i thought i was just enjoy this moment..... up until i saw the state of the house which looks like a bomb has hit it... urghhh!!

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    Jul 2008
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    Your next comment should have been......with a straight face.....'what happened to my clean house?'

    I see a few more sleep ins coming to get the picture across that having children is not a walk in the park.

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    Dec 2008
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    Ha! And that was just the first 10 mins! Sometimes the best way to get a point across is show them huh.
    Hope hes a little more sympathetic next time!

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    Jul 2009

    Yes hopefully after today he realises that she even does things when i am right there or turn my back for a split second. And the sleep ins were VERY good