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Thread: Is your DD/DS suffering from eczema? This might be useful!

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    Default Is your DD/DS suffering from eczema? This might be useful!

    Hi all,

    I have decided to post this thread not because I want to have my questions answered.... but I want to share my experiences with DD's eczema.

    DD was diagnosed with eczema at the age of 2 1/2 months old. We've seen multiple doctors for this as she would be so hard to console, irritable all the time, itchy, dry/cracked oozing skin especially on her face.

    I have tried every possible thing I could find and have spent a lot of $$$ on her eczema issue for creams, doctor's visits, special clothes, body wash, laundry detergent, and etc. Nothing has worked for a long time..... just like many have discovered (many of the products worked for a few days only).

    Here is a list of products I have used but have not worked:

    J & J products (given DD a much worse rash) --- DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT AT ALL!!!
    Olive oil
    Mineral Oil
    QV products
    9 differnt types of cortisone (0.5% & 1%) - not recommended for prolonged use
    6 differnt brands of steroid cream
    Herbal medicines
    Barrier cream
    Aveeno baby (none of the products are good)
    Oatmeal (bad for my DD)
    Doak Oil
    Nutragena Scalp wash (as a shampoo)
    Selsun Blue shampoo
    and much more

    In April, the government of Canada has banned the use of plastic bottles because most of them contain BPA (a harmful product found in the plastic bottles). So, I had to buy the Dr. Browns glass bottles. To my surprise, DD's eczema started clearing up and she has less rough, dry patches. I haven't used any cortisone, steroid cream to her eczema... it started clearing up. At the same time, I also feed her with a hypoallergenic formula made by ENfamil called NUTRAMIGEN. Although it doesn't taste great, but it certainly her to clear her eczema in combination with the use of glass bottles.

    Also, I highly recommend parents who suffer from their DS/DD's eczema to use hypoallergenic products (Cetaphil for bottom washing, Petrophyllic for body wash, and Cliniderm as shampoo). For DD's moisturizer, I use Glaxal Base. Since then, she's been a much happier baby. Oh, one other thing, many doctors say that summer is the best time for eczema, but it's not true.... heat makes baby sweat and then scratching comes along.

    While many doctors say to parents that their child will grow out of eczema after the age of 1 year old... I think that they really should find something to help because this is a long suffering issue. I remember I use to pull my hair when I see DD so irritable all the time... she was itchy all over.... poor thing!

    For babies suffering from eczema, try to give them only organic food as the foods we buy in the store contain so much junk (hormones, byproducts, and chemicals). Organic foods may be more expensive, but it pays off when you have a healthy child! Slowly introduce each solid food avoid foods known to be high allergens (strawberries, dairy products - beware that many baby cereal contains milk, eggs, nuts).

    I can say so much more, but got to run and take care of DD now... HTH

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    Just a side note - i have severe eczema, and i find Hamiltons body wash a lot better for my skin than QV wash.

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    We feed DS organic stuff from our garden and I couldn't change his formula as he was BFed, he still has eczema. We also use only organic products for bathtime etc. I think every baby is different, as is their reaction to eczema treatments.

    Having said that, J&J is full of chemicals etc, NO-ONE should use it EVER!

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    Just wanted to say that I found goats milk soap good for DDs eczema.

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    All those products are packed with chemicals or petrochemical products - not surprised they didn't work! If you dont know what to try, read the label and if there is anything you need a science degree to understand, then don't get it, its fake chemical crap. J&J is the worst, its the most toxic of all the baby products. Most babies do not need anything on their skin as they dont get dirty. But if you need to have something, there is a newly announced today Miessence Baby Care range - they are safe to ingest as well as put on skin.

    ps. Selsun Blue is not a good idea to use, it's a potent anti-dandruff formula... and packed with loads of chemicals... we need to use less not more

    What are you feeding your family's skin has some great easy to read info plus some very interesting links.

    I'd advise everyone to stay away from J&J too but it seems to be a thing that when you get pregnant you need to race out and buy loads of lotions and potions - resist the urge!!!! Babies don't need it and you can cause all sorts of skin irritations and damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BellyBelly View Post
    I'd advise everyone to stay away from J&J too but it seems to be a thing that when you get pregnant you need to race out and buy loads of lotions and potions - resist the urge!!!! Babies don't need it and you can cause all sorts of skin irritations and damage.
    LOL, I resisted the urge (tbh after reading the ingredients there was no urge) and was told off! My mother rushed out and bought everything, then proceeded to insist I use it. As soon as she left I stopped. Couldn't see the back of her quickly enough! I have prescription eczema bath treatment and moisturiser for DS which works well and I do use a lavender bath milk for his sleep, but even as a messy toddler warm water works 99.9% of the time. I don't even use baby wipes most of the time, although I know DH does. Even nursery uses warm water instead of wipes.

    Everyone considers me odd because I still have the wipes given to me in hospital in the bounty bag. They're in the nappy roll I take out and are used only if there's no warm water near the baby change room, which is very rare.

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    Too bad we're living in a world so full of junk.... back in the old days, I haven't heard of that many miscarriages... and now... it's a common incidence.

    Babies are so delicate and already are being exposed to the various chemicals found in so many baby products. J & J should really be banned... and the advertisements they have for those chemicals filled products too!!!

    Oh, I was reading over my post and I realized that I missed to mentioned that -- I think that my DD is allergic to plastic as I used to expressed BM and keep them in the fridge and warm the "plastic" bottle up when she was due for a feed... I found that by changing it to glass, her eczema had gone... so I suspect that when heating a plastic bottle (with a bottle warmer), chemicals could have leaked out and resulted DD's eczema! THank God that those plastic bottles (containing BPA) are all banned from Canada!

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