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Thread: 17 month old driving me insane!

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    Default 17 month old driving me insane!

    Hi ladies,i know ive moaned about similar before but its gotten worse and I really dont know what to do I feel so bad too because i never seem to see other children like it,so if anyone else could please tell me they have similar so i dont feel so alone? DD has just turned 17 months and she is a night mare!I dont understand it she has never shown signs of this really horrible beahviour and im scared ive caused it somehow and I would really like advice of how i should be dealing with it because im not going very well and am ashamed to say ive been ending up in tears or angry with her.Shes been a wingy child for a good few months now but lately oh my goodness,im wondering when shes ever happy anymore!When we are home shes quite good really hardly a tantrum and happily plays quite often on her own and things but going out is another story!she just plays up the whole time she winges and trys to walk off if i let her out of the stroller or trolley,i take everything but nothing works and she just carrys on and wants stuff and says tar tar tar and just goes berko!!Ive tried saying no and explainging and ive tried ignoring everything!Its so awful when people stare and its done my nerves in so bad i feel i cant go out to the shops or anywhere alone anymore as i know shes going to carry on,and i make sure shes fed etc,so heres an example it was 3pm saturday and i thought id take her down the shops as i needed something for dinner and id get us a donut etc for a treat so i waited till she woke and we went down she ate that and we were barely there for an hour and she did my head in winging and all this i came home,i even tried getting a movie on the way home but she carried on so much as i wouldnt let her down because it was packed and she just takes off that people were staring i was so embaressed i left,and this morning when she woke we went to the shops to get some groceries and once again winging pretty much as soon as we get there!!!!shes running my life at the moment but i just dont know how to deal with her,how on earth can i keep her from carrying on?or do i stay home and never go out?even going for a walk outside in the stroller she winges!!!!!someone please help me from going insane!!

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    my daughter is a bit of a whinger too . until recently she hated being in her pram, but is now happy to alternate between being wheeled and walking next to me. your dd is obviously a bit young for that - but maybe you can make outings more appealing for her by letting her wheel a toy pram or take a favourite doll? at the supermarket i have a little bag my daughter carries and i give her a few things to put in it - that sometimes helps. if you get really desperate you can always shop online - my son used to hate the supermarket and for a while i stopped going completely because i got so fed up with the nagging for toys and sweets. anyway, good luck!

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    Ooh! I saw a lady in the supermarket the other day and her littlie had one of those toy shopping trolleys; she was having a blast!
    Failing that, I would get into online supermarket shopping and maybe reserve outings for places like the park where she can just run her little legs off.
    HTH, good luck

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    nah you aren't alone, it's the age.
    This is my second 'bolter' and I've learned better than to let him walk on his own at the shops. My DD was the same. He is either in the stroller (I know it's a pain for quick trips but it's contained and I'm not struggling with a wriggling kid while I'm trying to do other things) or in a trolley. He doesn't sit in the seat well so usually doing the groceries I have both kids and all the groceries.....we get lots of stuff squashed but hey
    Also in my bag are; a couple of small toys each, a notebook and pen/cil each (really bad when only one gets one), a mini magnadoodle and a bottle of bubbles...if nothing else I entertain the other shoppers while they're doing they're shopping.
    I'm prone to opening food that I'm buying while we're shopping so they have something to eat. I also often sing....I know - who the heck is that crazy lady.
    I have learned that letting it get to me solves nothing at all, only makes me angry and really doesn't resolve the issue. I deal with the issue once with a 'not today babe' and that's it we keep walking. When it's getting really bad I make an effort to use an upbeat singsongy type voice to keep everything light. I rarely offer rewards or bribes cos that backfires sooner or later (I learned with DD).
    Little people are just like animals (no horrible connection here I promise) - they can read us better than we can read them and they feed off our energy.

    Oh and think nothing of the people that stare - they have nothing better to look at - what they think of you means nothing in your life so please hun don't let that be an added stress.

    I really do know how hard it is.

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    it is an age thing!

    try putting yourself in her shoes! and hour at the shops is boring for her, my 17 month old would be whinging too, i wouldnt expect her to last an hour in a stoller and sit happily.
    short trips would be better for her, i know its not all about her but tbh it is to a degree!

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    I sometimes time my shopping trips around my DS meal or snack time and pack food for him to eat while I'm shopping. He is an active little thing and doesn't like being restrained for very long but because he's hungry he will happily stay in the stroller or trolley while he has his meal.
    Online grocery shopping is also a great idea to cut out the longer trips to the store. Good luck!

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