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Thread: 7 month old - one day sleep?

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    Default 7 month old - one day sleep?

    Ok, my wee lad has never been a good sleeper. He is breasfed and still wakes 3 hourly (sometimes more often) for a feed. He also feeds three hourly during the day, has water and has 3 decent solid meals.

    He sleeps in a cot in our room and after his first wake up he usually ends up sleeping in our bed. I'm fine with all of that. Occasionally I try to resettle him without a feed but he takes both sides and empties the breast so IMO it isn't a comfort feed, he is actually hungry.

    The thing is he is taking until 9-10pm at night to go down. I really need that time at night. I'm also worried that he isn't getting enough sleep.

    During the day he will have 2 big sleeps and also nap if we go somewhere in the car. However on the weekend we were out and he didn't have an afternoon sleep and went down at 7pm.

    I just didn't think a 7 month old could happily function on one day sleep so I'm looking to see if anyone else has a bub like this. My other lad is almost 3 and still has a 2-3 hour day sleep and also sleeps 11-12 hours straight at night. My bub doesn't sleep anywhere as long.

    He is currently asleep and will sleep for 1-2 hours in the morning. I just worry if I try to keep him up until bedtime I'm going to make it worse.

    Oh what I'd give for even 4 hours of straight sleep.

    Help me please????

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    Ah. I think sometimes these things are a bit random. I mean, that one day he missed a sleep and went down early, but the next time it happens he might still be up till 9 but absolutely feral.
    I know what you mean about them nto getting enough sleep - DS never had anything like what they reckon babies need.Somehow he survived nonetheless
    I'd say it's pretty normal for them to need to feed through the night at that age anyway.
    What time does he normally have that second sleep?
    How long is the bedtime 'routine' and what does it involve? DS has always needed a really long wind-down, usually lasting 1-2 hours. It's only recently that he could do most of it without us.
    I dno't really have any suggestions sorry - DS was similar at that age and the only thing that seemed to help much was time.

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