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Thread: Am I making it worse? (Warning - long!!)

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    and I'm about half hour north of you in the noosa hinterland, near cooroy.

    lets try and get together after easter.

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    Yup sounds good. My SIL lives at Pomona - so we've been up your way a few times I would suspect!!!

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    lol its a small world!! i'm just up from Pomona. used to live there, now in Cooran. I love living here. very peaceful.

    Hang in there hun, I bet you as soon as he is walking, you'll be wanting him to stay close - because he will probably be so busy exploring his new found freedom!

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    When DD was 4months i left her dad. From about 10-15months she went quite clingy. She didn't like it when i left the room, she still hates the vacuum cleaner even now, she made huge fuss if i left her and freaked out at new people, especially men.

    I had a wrap and made a meitai. I wore her as much as i needed to to keep her happy. It got to the stage that i put her on my back BEFORE she got distressed, and it just became normal for us. If i was sitting about she sat about too, but if i was houseworking she came on my back. I pretty much NEVER used the buggy too, i wore her ALOT.

    I too didn't co-sleep once she was 6 or so months old, and i still managed to be a pretty attached parent. I haven't read the continuum concept but you can ALWAYS pick and choose bits and bobs from various theories with what fits in with you. I never smack but i certainly use the word no! I carry her all the time but had the wean off BF at 7 months and even i COULD have continued would have weaned soon after she was 1. You can just embrace the bits of whatever that you like.

    Anyway, fast forward. DD is 2 next week (where is my baby!?) and she is the most confident, easy-going kid! I have friends who cannot pop to the loo without their kids (same age as her) freaking out. If DD is upset she looks for me and if she can't find me (or even if there is just someone else closer that she knows) she will go to them. She has spent so much time at eye-level with the adults in her life, looking over my shoulder, she knows and can access her village with confidence and ease. If i want a hug i practically have to steal one!

    She is a very chatty and happy and smart little girl, and has learned SO much from being on my back. Everything i did i talked about, and she could count and recognise her colour earlier than many due to that. She counted to 20 at toddler group today on an abacus then handed said abacus to the group leader and said "is a abacus". The group leader nearly fainted and i was and am SO SO proud of her.

    Don't fret that you will make him more clingy. His clinginess is an inherent part of his babyhood and not a learned behaviour. He is growing up, the world is starting to come more into his understanding and it's SCARY. If anything, by carrying him with you you are showing him all the time that there is nothing to fear. Confidence is infectious, so have faith in yourself and in him. Things will be fine.

    DD began to improve at 15months, once she was walking well, and by 17 or 18months mumma was old hat and she much preferred being off doing her own thing.


    PS - i still take her to the loo, i'm hopoing monkey see; monkey do

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