thread: Anyone interested in Measles ONLY vaccine?

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    Apr 2009

    Exclamation Anyone interested in Measles ONLY vaccine?


    I have read a few threads with some mums wanting to get separate MMR shots. I got my little one just the Rubella, only one available separately in Aus and wanting to get the measles and mumps from overseas, but they come in batches if 10. A pharmacy in WA has the licence to import them. I want 2, so if anyone wants to join in to make up the rest please let me know rjkroggy @ hotmail com

    I really want to get the separate but cannot affort the lot of 10. I have tried to post this a few times before but for some reason it doesnt show up...Annoying!

    Please let me know. THanks,

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    Dec 2007

    Some questions...
    did you get the shots?
    How much were they?
    Who makes them and which pharmacy in WA got them for you? ( I live in Perth)